A woman

Documentary film essay | 2021

Documentary film essay

Germany | Argentina | 2021

Digital HD 4K | 104 min

Languages · German | Spanish | English | French

Filming locations · Germany | France | Nederland | Argentina



he film follows the traces of a woman and her life from France to Germany to exile in Argentina, the filmmaker reconstructs like an archeologist the various stages of the exile and the uncertainty. The result is a maelstrom of associative images that also leave room for the untold. In addition, Floros Floridis’ complex compositions and the suggestive images of cameraman Johann Feindt emphasize the fragility of the tale. Memories and passages from letters merge into the touching narrative of several broken biographies. At the same time, the director reflects on the fragmentary nature of memory. “What is remembered, what is forgotten? And why?”

Cast & Crew

Script | Director· Jeanine Meerapfel
Photography · Johann Feindt
Sound · Thomas Keller | Manja Ebert
Editing · Vasso Floridi
Music · Floros Floridis
Production · unafilm | Malena Filmproduktion | rbb | oh my gómez films

Awards | Film Festivals

Festival international de cine · Mar del Plata | Argentinien

Festival Documental de Thessaloniki · Thessaloniki | Greece
DOKfilm Munich
· Munich | Germany
Eröffnungsfilm Jüdisches Filmfestival
· Potsdam | Germany
Internationales Filmfestival Innsbruck IFFI
| Austria
Internationales Filmfestival „Kino Otok – Isola Cinema“
| Slovenia
10. Mumbai Indian Cine Film Festival, September 2022 – Competition | India
Jewish Filmdays Frankfurt, September 2022 | Germany
Jewish Week, Dresden, October 2022 Germany
Filmfestival Cologne, Oktober 2022 | Germany
Transit Filmfestival Regensburg, November 2022 | Germany


Distribution in Germany · realfictionfilme.de


Presskit | „A Woman“

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