Confusion / Diffusion

Audiovisual essay | 2015

Audiovisual essay

Germany | 2015

Language · German

Co-production · Malena Films in cooperation with Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Film clip

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Confusion/Diffusion combines images, electronic sounds, texts and live-music. The artistic approach began with the misunderstandings in the European Union between Greece and Germany. During the preparations, the performance developed to depict the confusion in which we live in our times. The performance consists of a montage of fragments of reality in a 60-minute film, combined with live improvised music and selected texts, performed on stage by actress Eva Mattes.

Cast & Crew

Director | Production · Floros Floridis and Jeanine Meerapfel
Concept · Floros Floridis
Clarinets · Floros Floridis
Mix · Titos Kariotakis and Christos Charbilas
Camera · Johann Feindt
Editing · Vasso Floridi
Electronic Music · Floros Floridis

Film Festivals

Premiere in Akademie der Künste · Berlin | Germany

Festival of moving image · Buenos Aires | Argentina